Meet Top 10 Nigerian billionaire daughters who are so beautiful and still single – Get in here and shoot your shot (Photos)



Nigerian billionaire daughters: These women are not just beautiful, they are rich, powerful and most of them are extremely drop-deal gorgeous. It’s surprising how they are still single.  All of them have super-rich fathers who own their different companies and organisation. Some have tasted marriage and opted out after some reasons, while some have been carried away with work and their career.Here are some of the daughters of the super-rich who are still single:

1 Adama Indimi

Nigerian billionaire daughters
Adama Indimi

The billionaire daughter of oil mogul, Mohammed Indimi has previously been in the spotlight for her modelling and a rumoured relationship with singer, D’banj.
She stunning lady is a model and runs a successful travel agency, Kauna Solutions. She is a masters degree holder from Lynn University, Florida US.

2 Oyin Adenuga

Nigerian billionaire daughters
Oyin Adenuga

The beautiful daughter of the oil and telecom mogul, Dr. Mike Adenuga of Globacom seems to have everything going for her except having the right man.

Oyin graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at 19 and has worked at her father’s companies at different periods. She beau runs imaginative Buying Services, a company that gives Nigerians opportunity to acquire products from the United States of America.

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