Meet the first twin pilots in Canada who are Nigerians from Igala

Many internet users are currently filled with admiration for twin sisters, Hassana and Huseiena Edili Ogaji who are both successful airline pilots.

A Twitter user identified as Olajide TV shared the photo of the sisters and revealed that they are the first twin airline pilots to graduate from Canadian Aero Academy and have been in the aviation business for over seven years.

The photo of the twins have taken over the internet with many wishing the Kogi-born, Canada-based pilots all the best as they forge on in their careers.

Success is always worth celebrating. The twin sisters of Igala origin have made themselves proud by chasing their dreams and shattering glass ceilings.

Many Nigerians have celebrated the hardworking ladies on social media

Olajide Johnson@OlajideTV

First twin airline pilots in Canada are Nigerians from Igala.

Let us celebrate them!

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