The best way to be happier in your relationship – #7 makes a whole lot of difference




We all know sometimes relationships can be herculean, I mean, you just may not even be doing things the right way. Your partner may be losing interest and all. Some other times, it’s jut what you do that can salvage things. Truth is, not one relationship is perfect, it is the effort we put in that makes the difference. This article by Jessica Levy, Bolde will help put things in perspective..

It’s true — relationships are an art, not a science. They can be difficult to navigate, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some universal truths that can help strengthen your bond with your partner. If you want to be even happier in your relationship (and who doesn’t?), here are a few easy tips you can try:

1. CARVE OUT TIME TO GO OUT TOGETHER AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK.Don’t you dare just settle in for another night of Netflix and chill. Get off the couch, get out there, and make new memories with your favorite guy.

2. DO SOMETHING NICE FOR HIM “JUST BECAUSE.”Is the last time you cooked him dinner on Valentine’s Day? It shouldn’t be. You don’t need an excuse to give him a special surprise like dinner, a massage, or a small gift. If he’s worth hanging on to, he’ll return the favor.

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